HI LOVES! Happy Sunday! I've got my three fantasy football team live scoreboards open on another window, Broncos game on the TV, laundry in the wash, and dinner in the oven...MY KIND OF DAY!

I know I'm supposed to be uploading videos everyday for Vlogtember and I've been FAILING the past couple days with that and with posting on here, but I've been sick. :( I thought I had a little cold, but turns on I got the full on flu! (According to Dr. Ferguson, NOT ME.)

I am hoping to be back in swing tomorrow evening! Until then, I wanted to post a HUGE thank you to everyone who donated and supported me on Kick Starter the past month. I was able to meet my goal. It was a pretty special moment for me to not only meet my goal, but see some of the names that supported me. My dad, some of you guys, my friends, an aunt I haven't seen or spoken to in 13 years, and the guy I used to sit next to in Photoshop class.

Thank you to:
Lina Kirychuk
Emma Hopp
Rick Dimmitt
Kathleen Emma
Katelyn Dickson
Genesis Rodriguez
Morgan Hart
Sara Dimmitt
Shay Butler
Tari Dedick
Mike Sigler

Y'all rock! I can't wait to put that funding towards some awesome posts.

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