Role Models Today

In a society of celebrities teaching young women about twerking, selfies, and popping Molly, it can be difficult to find positive, inspiring role models. The women in the tabloids are being exposed with inappropriate photographs, baby daddy drama, and drinking problems. These actresses, singers, and models we once aspired to be are no longer people we should look up to. The real role models are not found on magazine covers, iTunes charts, or reality television (unless you’re Bethany Mota!) They are found on YouTube.

The women on YouTube are strong, resilient, and real. They open their daily lives to viewers and share every detail honestly. They have kind-hearts, faithful souls, and chase their dreams. Many of them started in hard places, but found success from the comfort of their own homes. THESE are the women we should aspire to be.

At age 13, Bethany Mota was bullied at school, so she began a YouTube channel as a creative outlet to display her fashion, makeup, and craft ideas. This channel gave her a voice that was eventually heard by millions of people. At age 18, Mota now has several successful channels, won several awards, a clothing line at Aeropostale, and is now on Dancing With The Stars. She has stayed true to who she is, followed her passions, and been honest with her fans along the way---the way a role model should be.

Another YouTuber, Elise Sheree, also started vlogging (video blogging) as a creative outlet and to document her daughter’s life. The YouTube community has helped her develop new friendships, learn about video editing, and find positive role models, such as Anna Saccone, Zoella, and Tanya Burr.

“Anna is inspirational as a mother and woman. She works hard and still has time to be silly with her babies. Zoe and Tanya prove that anyone who works hard and is a genuine person can achieve her dreams,” said Elise.

Elise describes a role model as “someone who you can admire and look up to. Someone who inspires you to be the best version of yourself, even when you’re having a bad day or feeling down.”

Many hard days I have spent sitting behind my computer screen getting lost in another world. I look up to so many women on YouTube because they guide me through difficult days, even without personally knowing each other. I feel love from Katilette, motivated by CarlieStylez, and accepted by Kandee Johnson. When these strong female role models let us into their world, they become a part of ours.

The women in the YouTube community have a power to be role models around the world. They are strong women united by their passions. They share inspiration, motivation, and help give women a voice.

**Some of my favorite women on YouTube:
-Bethany Mota
-Carlie Stylez
-Kait Nichole
-Hey Kayli
-Sarah Reyes from That Reyes Family
-Kandee Johnson
-Elise Sheree
-Meg from Ciaoobelllaxo
-Lindsay Albanese
-Dulce Candy
-Jaclyn Hill
-Melisa Michelle

Who are your role models?

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