Start your days off right.

Happy Sunday! I started my morning with a happy heart and headed to a brand new church. It's a big church (about 3,000 people) but felt like home the minute I set foot on campus. When I got home I received the tragic news that my beloved Angels lost Tyler Skaggs for the remainder of the season due to Tommy John surgery. I apologize to the team for this is all my fault...I was just telling someone this morning how Skaggs is a beast.

I had pinned this quote from Renee Swope on Pinterest several months ago and find myself constantly coming back to it. There is no love greater than the love of God. Even when you feel so alone, so weak, so lost, God is there beside you. God will give you strength. God will give you grace. He will give you hope, and most importantly God will never fail to love you.

Each morning when I wake up, I promise to remind myself of God's grace. I won't let the troubles of yesterday interfere with the newness each day brings.

Check out this video to see what else I do each morning!


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