New Title: Miss Dimmitt

I am now a pre-school teacher! I could not imagine a more perfect job for me. I love kids and have worked in several classrooms throughout the years. I have been a nanny, a Sunday school teacher, and a teacher's assistant. I plan on eventually getting my teaching credential, but for now I'm going to have the opportunity to teach a new class just how awesome and capable they all are.
My number one goal has an educator has always been to teach kids more about themselves than the material. I want each student to know how smart, how kind, and how funny they all are.

While I'm so nervous to have a classroom full of little ones with sniffly noses and poopy pants, I'm excited for the first time they write their name, the first time they read a word, and the first time they I see the ah-hah moment.

I'm so proud of myself for making my dreams come true one step at a time!

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