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Now that I've finished Long Island Medium and Friday Night Lights (the series....for the 4th time) on Netflix, I had to move on to the next thing in my queue. (I refuse to call it My List.) I'm watching Katy Perry: Part of Me and have come to the conclusion that she is AWESOME. I'm not a huge fan of her music, even though it is catchy, but I am a fan of her as a person. She is a bad ass. She gives zeros about what anyone thinks of her and she beats to the tune of her own drum. She can be a role model to young women on following your dreams, even when you have no one backing you up.

A couple months ago I saw 1D: This Is Us. When I first saw it I was afraid to admit to how in love with Zayn Malik I fell, but now I've accepted the fact that he's the one. At the time I saw the movie I only knew a few songs by them and knew nothing about the guys. An hour and a half later I was dancing along to the music with a six year old girl in the theater. These guys are hilarious. They're so down to earth and all about their fans...the way it should be in the entertainment industry. A couple weeks ago I saw them on Saturday Night Live and yet again, was in giggles.

Watching these documentaries gives fans an insight into the lives of rock stars, athletes, and super models who are actually everyday people (minus the wardrobe changes, paychecks, and private jets.) I wish more celebrities had documentaries out about their lives. While there are E True Hollywood Stories and other short films about them, these are some celebrities I want to pay $13 plus another $7 for popcorn to see what they're all about on the big screen:

  • Beyonce: If you don't find her fabulous, stop reading my blog now. Yes I know HBO just did a feature on her, but I don't get HBO. Put it in theaters!
  • Rihanna: Her interview on Oprah's Next Chapter left me in tears. I would love to find out more about her and her troubled past that has made her the strong woman she is today.
  • Sean Simpson: Most people have yet to hear of him, but give him time. One of the youngest producers in the movie and television industry. I'm amped on his upcoming film, Sunlight, which should hit theaters in 2015. (Maybe I can get him to do the documentaries on all these other folks I'm talking about.)
  • Mike Trout: Another young guy making big movies with his natural God given abilities.

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