Why You Should Go Camping More


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Camping can be seen as something only people who love nature partake in or when you have young children as it is a cheaper alternative to going on holiday and staying in a hotel. Camping can be so much more than that though. Yes, one of the advantages is that you can spend more time in nature but that is a wonderful thing. Being in nature has proven to help reduce stress and anxiety and contributes to you feeling generally calmer overall. It gives you a chance to enjoy peace and quiet so you can enjoy the simplicity of nature. 

One of the other benefits of campings is that it is quite a physical exercise when you think about everything you would be doing. Putting up your tent and managing your shelter will be the first tiresome part as well as digging a hole for the toilet, collecting wood for fire and you may even be hunting your own food in the wilderness. That will take strength, stamina and patience to be able to hunt your own food. You will need to make sure you have the best equipment to aid you with it. So things like your firearm, a tactical flashlight and 18650 battery for tactical flashlights. As it is quite a physical activity camping you may find that it will also help you get into better shape

When you are camping you spend a lot more time outside, so you are soaking in that great Vitamin D. Vitamin D is good for your body and can do incredible things. It helps fight disease, it could contribute towards helping reduce the risk of getting multiple sclerosis, developing the flu as well as also decreasing your chance of developing heart disease. Research has also proven that Vitamin D can help to reduce depression. It showed that it could play an important part in regulating mood and helping to combat depression. People were tested with scientists who found that when someone with depression had Vitamin D supplements they had noticed an improvement in their mood and symptoms. 

If you struggle to get a good night's sleep, let’s face it, in the rush and stress of everyday life, lack of sleep is a common complaint these days. Camping can actually help increase the quality of sleep that you have. The most obvious one is that you are away from modern life, unplugged you might say. You won’t have a temptation to sit and binge Netflix all night when you can sit and admire the stars. So by staying away from screens more you are exposed to less of the ‘blue light’ that is emitted from electronic devices. This has been shown to interfere with restful sleep. You also are quite more in camping, you don’t have sounds of traffic, machines and people partying at all hours. 

There are so many more benefits to camping and being outside more, so if you are looking for a resolution for the new year. Then camping more should be one of them for sure. 


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