5 Tips to Look Great and Feel Great

There are a variety of options that can help us both look and feel our best. Whether you’re a busy mother, student, or just work, we must keep on top of our health. These following tips will not only help you look better, but you’ll also feel better both inside and out.


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Keep hydrated

This tip has been repeated so many times, but it seriously is super important to stay hydrated. Our bodies are made up of 70% water, so you need to make sure you get enough water intake throughout your day. You should drink a glass when you wake, before bed, as well as before and after your meals. Drinking water will also help curb your appetite which means you can easily lose weight since you’ll be feeling full for far longer.  Another fantastic bonus to drinking enough water throughout the day would be the fact that your skin will look radiant.

Protect your skin from the sun

The harmful UV rays in the sun are the leading cause of premature aging. This causes wrinkles to form, loss of skin elasticity, and there’s also a risk of skin cancer. So it’s important to cover up your skin with sunscreen. By using a powerful SPF sun blocker, you’ll help fight off the UV rays. It’s also best to wear sunglasses and a hat as well to add a layer of protection.

Skincare routine

It’s so important to have a skincare routine and to consistently follow it. Never go to bed wearing makeup, you should cleanse and moisturize daily, as well as exfoliate the skin twice per week. Doing all of these things will tremendously help your skin and your appearance appear more youthful but also just healthy in general. Be sure to read up on the ingredients that your skincare products contain because sometimes the products can do more harm than good. Also, look into seeing your local esthetician for advice.


While you don’t have to be in the best shape of your life, staying in some shape will help you both physically and mentally. Exercise can be a great way to alleviate stress, but also it’s great for getting the heart pumping. There are plenty of apps, free videos, and other sources online that are all free that can help you get started on exercising. If you have little experience with exercising then you can start with just taking brisk walks and then slowly build up to something more intense.

Eat well

The food that you choose to eat will have a significant impact on how you feel daily. It’s important to eat whole foods such as fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Try to stay away from pizza, fatty foods, or anything that could impact your dental care. Unhealthy foods will make you feel low in energy and lethargic. 


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