Improve Your Blog’s Popularity With These Proven Tips

 Improve Your Blog’s Popularity With These Proven Tips

Blogging has gradually transformed the digital space, with so many people taking advantage of free, user-friendly blogging platforms to promote their online endeavors. No matter your reason for blogging, creating a successful blog has everything to do with getting your content seen by as many people as necessary and building a loyal audience. And that usually means focusing more on what your audience wants instead of trying to promote yourself.

There are currently over 152 million blogs, which means the competition for audience is becoming even more fierce. So, how can you make your blog popular? How can you promote your blog in a way that makes it grab attention ahead of the competition? Here are some proven tips you can use.

Collaborate with other bloggers

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Blogger collaboration is one of the most effective ways of promoting your blog. Almost all bloggers have their own loyal audiences or fanbase. Therefore, it is essential to find another blogger that shares an audience similar to those you’re targeting or one with an overlapping theme with yours. This way, their audiences will potentially become yours. There are various ways of creating collaborations with other bloggers. You can use mediums like article collaborations and guest blog posts for this purpose. Both of these approaches will expose your blog to a broader audience. You can also attract brands, companies, and experts’ attention by mentioning them in your blogs or creating review articles about their products.

Improve your blog’s user experience

There are few things more frustrating than a blog that is very difficult to navigate. From slow-loading content to difficult to read texts, your blog’s readability or UX can easily enhance its popularity or otherwise. Whether you’re operating a full-fledged website or a free blog, take the time to incorporate the right tools to improve UX. For example, you can take advantage of UX research methods or tools like remote moderated research to deliver impactful UX insights from any location, over any distance. 

Customize your blog

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Design matters and one way to make your blog stand out from the rest is by ensuring that you create a unique design for it. If you’re using a free blog hosting platform, your design or creative options may be limited to only how many themes or design templates you have available. But if you’re using a plaid platform, you may have greater creative freedom. 

But no matter the platform you’re using, endeavor to make your blog as unique as possible. People are attracted to new or different things. The chances of new visitors staying longer on your blog have as much to do with your content as with your design. Plus, a new site visitor is more likely to refer others to your blog purely on the design alone. You may have a lot to say on your blog, but take the time to put enough effort into customizing its overall appearance.

Create viral content

As mentioned earlier, your blog design is as important as the kind of content you create. And when it comes to content, you want to have as many as possible if you want it to go viral. Many people desire to create viral content, but most people fail, unfortunately. An essential tip for creating viral content is to come up with very catchy titles. People are naturally drawn to titles that raise their eyebrows or appeal to their senses. However, you should be careful not to degenerate your catchy titles into click baits, affecting your credibility and making you lose most followers. You can also add many to-do or DIY content, as most readers tend to consider self-help content as proof of the blogger’s expertise. Plus, such contents have a longer life-span, as new readers can continue to refer to it even years after posting. 

Find your niche, and stick with it

You want your blog to become the go-to place for expert views on specific issues. And you cannot achieve that if you’re trying to make your blog a Jack of all trades. Before you even jump into the idea of creating a blog, find your niche or area of expertise, something you’re more comfortable writing about or have enough experience to share about. Once you decide on your niche, let that be your blog’s purpose and remain true to it. Define for yourself the kind of readers you want to attract with your blogs, and create a strategy on how to draw them. 

Use email newsletters to create a regular reader base

You can turn as many visitors to your blog as possible into regular readers by taking advantage of email newsletters. Many first-time blog visitors end up leaving without returning for various reasons. One way to ensure that you do not lose such visitors is by encouraging them to sign up for your email newsletters to keep them regularly updated and read your blog posts. Add a newsletter subscription to your blog and include a call-to-action urging your reader to subscribe. Next, use your blog email service to send out regular email newsletters to your mailing list. Also, analyze statistics to help you segment your readers according to their interests. Doing this will help you send out more personalized emails. 

Blog frequently

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Another vital key to the success and popularity of your blog is fresh content. The logic here is pretty simple - the more content you publish, the more reasons you give readers to return to your blog and vice versa. That means, if you post one content every week, for example, you can only expect a reader to visit your blog once a week. So, take the time to publish as much relevant content as often as possible. Besides, popular search engines tend to favor blogs with regular content. The more you post to your blog, the better your chances of ranking higher in search engine results. However, it would be best if you took care to ensure that every content you post is relevant and unique. Doing this is what matters the most.


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