4 Ways To Add Atmosphere To A Covid Wedding

 Do you remember pre-Covid? When the bride and groom had bigger fish to fry than ensuring their small wedding was atmospheric? Nobody does! Fast-forward a couple of months, and the main issue for a ceremony is attempting to recreate the magic that appears when you tie the knot in front of hundreds of your loved ones.

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Restrictions, and the desire to keep your family and friends safe, mean you can’t rely on this to happen, which is a shame. However, it isn’t the end of the world as you can incorporate a cozy and charming personality with the following tips.

Here’s what to keep in mind.

Invite The Full Quota

Some people are falling into the trap of thinking it doesn’t matter who comes as it won’t feel the same anyway. This is how people end up abandoning their plans, opting for a low-key affair with two witnesses instead. It’s a mistake for numerous reasons, the mains being that you’ll regret not inviting friends and family and underestimating how much of a buzz they will bring. Even if it’s only 15 to 30 people, you’ll notice everything from their applause to hushed whispers and camera clicks. This all makes the event more special.

You Don’t Need A Speaker

It seems that the typical Covid wedding party consists of someone connecting a device to a speaker and playing songs via Spotify. As ingenious as the method is, it’s not necessary when DJ hire services continue to operate. After all, they can set up their equipment in the corner and provide music for guests to dance to and enjoy. The same goes for a band if you want a soft melody to play in the background as people walk down the aisle. A personal speaker is a backup option, not the main event.

Do It Unplugged

Unfortunately, people’s phone habits get in the way of a good socializing session! It’s not uncommon to see guests scrolling through their accounts and messing around on devices when they should be paying attention to the bride and groom. Seriously! The good news is, you can combat this by making your wedding unplugged, which means that guests turn off cameras and phones during the ceremony. That way, the small number of people attending will give everything they have as they won’t be distracted. Some couples go as far as taking phones and keeping them safe until later!

Embrace It

Okay, it’s not the wedding you dreamed of since you were little, and that stings. But, the circumstances are out of your control, which is vital to remember. You can’t do anything to change the situation, so it’s smarter to focus your energy on making the most out of your ceremony. Embrace the fact that the guests are your most cherished friends and family members. Welcome that you get to speak to people intimately without mingling for five minutes. Enjoy the food and drinks that the married couple never gets to taste!

Most of all, you should remember that marriage is the most important thing. Everything else is non-essential.


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