5 Awesome Gifts For Foodies

Perhaps you’ve got a food-loving pal with a birthday coming up? Lucky for you, there are so many great gifts available for foodies. With these five awesome ideas, you’ll be well and truly spoilt for choice.

1 . Cooking Class

One of the best gifts that you can bestow upon your foodie friend is a cooking class! Experience gifts always feel that little bit special because you’re offering real memories rather than a material possession. Book yourself onto the class too, so you can experience the fun together. If your foodie friend is already a skilled cook, be sure to choose a more advanced class. There are plenty of classes out there offering a wide variety of themes from Thai or Spanish cooking to advanced baking classes.

2. Foraging Experience

Foraging is the process of gathering food that’s growing in the wild, whether it’s nuts, berries, mushrooms, vegetables, or herbs. During a foraging workshop, you’ll learn the ins and outs of wild food gathering, including edible and nonedible plants. Some foraging experiences also include a cookery session afterwards. During the session, your giftee will learn about how to make their foraging goodies into some tasty recipes.

3. Hamper or Gift Box

One of the most perfect gifts for a food lover has got to be a nice hamper or gift box. You can buy both ready-made or if you prefer, buy a basket and create a hamper yourself. Try to include specialist, or unusual foods that you’re giftee wouldn’t usually buy. As well as this, read a few recipes for inspiration so you can include items that go together. It can be fun to theme your hamper, whether it’s organic food, luxury food or Italian food. For a delicious gourmet- pretzel gift box check out Eastern Standard Provisions.

4. Cooking Knives

Every keen cook simply needs the best set of knives. The most essential knives for cooking are a serrated knife, a paring knife, and a chef’s knife. It’s generally worth paying a little more to ensure that you get yourself a quality high-end product. The blades of cooking knives are generally either Japanese style or ‘Western knives,’ (which are sometimes called German knives). If you look at a Western knife, you’ll find that the cutting edge of the blade is curved. In contrast, Japanese knives are straight-edged.

5. Cheese Making Kit

Most foodies just can’t get enough of cheese in all of its varieties, which is why cheese making kits are such an excellent gift! These kits usually allow you to create soft cheeses, including all the ingredients you’ll need. From goat's cheese to mozzarella, ricotta, or chevre, these kits have got all your cheese needs covered! You need a thermometer to make cheese, and these don’t usually come with the kits. If your pal is unlikely to have one, you might like to add this as part of the gift.

If none of these ideas have tickled your fancy, why not simply buy a new recipe book? You can search for a few ideas online to find the best recipe books of 2020 so far.

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