3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Do Strength Training

There are many different ways to exercise, and to get – and remain – fit, ranging from regular yoga sessions, to marathon training, and plyometric workouts.

One of the forms of exercise that everyone should arguably be doing is strength training – and yet, many people more or less totally neglect resistance-based workouts in favour of other things.

Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to find a club with decent strength training facilities, such as club4fitness.com, and to get your muscles working.

    1. Because muscle is metabolically active, and will help you to maintain a healthy weight and a better hormone balance

Even if you aren’t interested in becoming the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, it’s worth keeping in mind that muscle is very metabolically active, and will help you to maintain a healthy weight and a better hormone balance, irrespective of all other factors.

In other words, having muscle just makes you healthier in a variety of ways – and allows you to eat more calories without putting on excess fat, while also helping to ensure that you have the right proportions of different sex hormones circulating in your blood. Muscle with also help to shield you against blood sugar imbalances, and more.

While you don’t need to lift heavy weights and aim for a massive physique, it’s important to realise that if you don’t do any significant resistance training of any type, your muscles will atrophy away, and you will experience the associated downsides of that situation.

    1. Because physical strength and muscle mass make you more resilient against injury

Muscle isn’t just there to look strong, or to help you to pick up heavy things. It also provides a protective “shield” around your body, that can help to protect you from injury in a variety of ways.

In fact, strength training makes you more resilient against injury in a range of ways beyond simply “building muscle.” Whenever you move your body against resistance, you are also increasing your bone density, and strengthening your tendons and connective tissue.

The net effect of all this is that you will be less likely to become injured if you trip over, or if you play a sport, or if you do, in fact, have to lift something heavy.

    1. Because there are many instances in everyday life where physical strength comes in handy

Even if you have a white-collar job that doesn’t require any real physical labour, and even if you aren’t much of a DIY-machine in your free time, you will inevitably come across situations on a regular basis where physical strength will come in handy, in a practical sense.

Sometimes, you will need to carry heavy grocery bags. At other times, you will need to haul your luggage around the airport. On certain occasions, it may be necessary to remove obstacles from your path while out on a walk, or to push your car somewhere, or to pick up your child and carry them around.

Physical strength will often come in handy and will make you more effective at whatever it is you might be doing in your everyday life. You will almost certainly never be faced with a situation where you will regret being a bit stronger.


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