The Simple Secrets That Will Make Your Wedding Venue Look Fabulous

A wedding venue is more than just a room where everyone congregates as you get married - it’s what sets the tone for your big day. Getting the aesthetic right, therefore, is essential. 

There’s just one problem: there’s no dress rehearsal. You have to get the decorations right the first time around - and that can be a challenge. It’s not like you’ve had ten other weddings to practice!

So what do you need to do to make your wedding venue look fabulous

Call The Professionals

Unless you’re on an extremely strict budget, it probably isn’t a good idea to try to dress your wedding venue yourself. It’s a complex task that usually requires several skilled people to plan and execute.

Your best bet, therefore, is to call the professionals. Wedding planners have extensive experience setting up venues for a host of different themes. They can tailor the whole place to your specifications, setting it up just right so that you don’t have to do a thing on the day itself. 

Wedding planners don’t usually physically set the venue up themselves. Instead, they organize the various vendors and help bring everything together. Often, they’ll liaise with the venue management, the florist, and the people providing the cake to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

Do A Mockup

Sometimes you’re able to do a mockup of how things will look before the big day arrives, giving you a sense of the current state of play. If you’re relying on tent rentals, the vendor will usually put it up a day or two beforehand to make sure that everything is ready to go. Thus you have the option of setting everything up for a dress rehearsal in the run-up. 

If you’re using a venue that caters to other events, doing this might be a little more challenging. You may have to negotiate with management or ask to use the site early in the morning while it is out of action. 

Assemble Your Tool Kit

Fixing up a wedding venue is essentially a DIY job - a very flowery one - but a DIY job all the same. For this reason, you need a box of tools for setting up your decor. Screwdrivers, hammers, drills, and spanners are all essential, depending on the type of work you’re doing. You’ll also need all manner of clips and ties for temporarily hanging things on the wall. 

Double The Time You Think You Need

Setting up a wedding venue always takes way longer than you imagine. Something usually goes wrong, eating into the time you have available. Issues can delay some couples to the point where they have to get married before everything is in place. Disaster!

Put In Place A Plan For The Day After

Taking down your wedding decor isn’t as important as putting it up, but it is still vital. You need to plan, therefore, who will be responsible for this aspect of the festivities. If you’re away on honeymoon, you’ll need to delegate. Here again, a wedding planner can help, organizing the whole thing on your behalf. 


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