A little insight into my first trimester of pregnancy!

Finding Out
I remember thinking I was pregnant at a Knicks game. For starters, I really did not want to drink at the game, when usually at these events I will have a drink or two. I was smelling all sorts of smells. I smelled peanut butter, when there was none around. I smelled someone’s body odor that had me running for a trash can, and I overall just noticed things smelled differently. It was too early to test though so I waited a couple of days. I had been tracking when I could test because we had been trying to get pregnant and I was supposed to be able to test on Saturday. However, Thursday all day at work I had a terrible headache and it wasn’t like the usual migraines I get. When I got home from work, the first thing I did was test. It came back positive very quickly! I immediately started to cry and couldn’t wait for my husband to get home from work! I knew there was still another two hours before he got home and it was the longest two hours of my life. 
The Scary
A couple weeks later, to be honest I don’t remember the date, I don’t want to, I went to the bathroom and was bleeding. We immediately went to the ER and I didn’t know what to think. Of course my natural instinct was that I was miscarrying, but something inside me told me not to lose hope. When we got to the ER my blood pressure was so high that doctors worried I was going to have a stroke. They immediately moved me to the ICU to get me on monitors and start pumping medication into me. So many doctors were coming in and out of the room talking about me and my baby as if we weren’t even there. I didn’t really leave that night with answers but was told my chance of miscarrying was high. I was just told to call my OB in the morning to get in and see her. I went to see her three days later and was told things were looking good. HCG levels were climbing as needed, we saw our baby, and the OB said she was “cautiously optimistic.” About a week later, I started to bleed again. I immediately called my OB and described to her what was happening. She didn’t seem worried and for some reason I wasn’t worried either. I made an appointment to come in a couple of days, and honestly just trusted God. When we went in to that appointment, my OB couldn’t believe I didn’t come rushing in that day of the bleeding. I told her that since she didn’t seem worried and I felt I knew my body, I wanted to wait. That day we heard our baby’s heartbeat and saw that it was still growing. She ran a ton of tests to find the cause of my bleeding, but we never did. I haven’t bled since and my doctors have zero concern about what happened. We’re just trusting it was a freak thing that could have happened. 
I knew before I even had a positive test that I was having a girl. I kept having dreams about baby girls and only noticing baby girls when we were out and about. Then I started doing the Old Wives Tales and all but two of them pointed to a girl. While the Old Wives Tales really have no scientific backing, they were still fun to do. We ended up doing a blood test to determine the sex of our baby as soon as possible. With the blood test you can find out as early as 8 weeks, but we tested at 11 weeks. We found out a couple days later that we were expecting a baby girl! I wasn’t shocked at all, but Dad sure was! I think deep down he wanted a boy without admitting it, but I know our little Addy will have him wrapped around her finger. 
Symptoms: nausea all day every day, extreme exhaustion, back aches, headaches, round ligament pain
Emotions: ALL I DO IS CRY! Legit, one time Jared asked me how long it took to microwave taquitos and I cried. 
Craving: Peanut butter, which is funny because I never ate it or even liked it before pregnancy


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