Last week I was a wreck. The weight of everything was piling up on me. Wedding planning, work, maintaining the house, amongst other things going on in life that I will get to share in a month or two. I stepped back and realized I was drowning because I was going at it alone. I wasn’t seeking God, I wasn’t praying, I wasn’t going to others who are grounded in faith for guidance. I spent the rest of the night on my balcony, listening to worship music, praying to God, and enjoying the fresh Los Angeles rain.

A few days later I had a moment. I was reminded of Jesus walking on water. It was just like what I had gone through a few days prior. When you feel like you’re drowning, it’s cause you’re walking alone on the water. You ARE drowning. But, when you have faith and rely on God and ask for help, he pulls you up and you can “walk on the water.” But you can’t walk on the water without seeking God and having faith.

The night before Jesus walked on water he spent so much time, fully surrendered in prayer. He was alone all night on his knees, just seeking God for strength and guidance. Jesus was headed towards the disciples, walking on water. When the disciples saw someone on the water, they thought it was a ghost. (Can you blame them?) Peter told Jesus if it was really him then Peter should be able to walk on the water too. As he stepped on the water, Peter got scared looking at the wind and rocks. Jesus pulled him up though. Together they walked on water.

And together we can “walk on water.” We can’t do this life alone. We can walk through anything if we just seek the kingdom first. When we doubt, we get pulled under. When we spend time in fervent prayer, going towards God first, and surrendering all to him, we can walk on water too. (Hypothetically speaking, please don’t go try to walk on real water and then come at me when you drown.)

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