I’m taking it old school today with the Bachelor Nation interview. I recently started watching Brad Womack’s season (the second one) after learning that Keltie Knight and Michelle Money were on it. I listen to Keltie’s podcast, The Lady Gang, and am an active member of Money Talks, the exclusive Facebook group for individuals who have taken Michelle’s Money Method course. 

While watching this season I fell in love with Shawntel Newton, who was in the top 4! I had the exciting opportunity to catch up with her regarding her life in the past ten years since competing on The Bachelor and was very inspired by her story. 

Prior to going on the show, Shawntel had never seen an episode of The Bachelor! Her sisters secretly signed her up for it and within weeks she was receiving phone calls from producers to move her forward in casting. With limited expectations, Shawntel continued through the interview process and the rest is history. 

Besides traveling the world and meeting incredible people, Shawntel’s favorite experience was her first one-on-one with Brad, a shopping spree in Vegas. Although things didn’t work out between Shawntel and Brad, she gave it another shot at love by appearing on Ben Flajnik’s season of the show. Her and Ben had previously connected, and although hesitant, she decided to give it a shot. However, do to a previous commitment, she came into the season late, finding that Ben had already formed a strong relationship with Courtney, and Shawntel headed home. 

After finishing the show, Shawntel went back to work full-time as a funeral director, but shortly after began writing a book, Final Rose. (To purchase Final Rose, click here) While she does touch on her experience on the show, the main focus of the book is about her experience as a woman in the funeral service industry. A unique experience that very few understand, Shawntel was eager to share this side of her life. This writing process was a therapeutic time for her to share her story…her faith, boyfriends growing up, school experiences, career, and the families she served…it gave readers a glimpse into the life that few saw on the show. 

Shawntel is now married, with a son, Anthony, and another baby boy on the way in October! Once she got engaged she relocated to Sacramento and left the funeral industry. After struggling to conceive due to unexplained infertility, her and husband went through IVF. While their infertility journey was mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally draining, her faith was unwavering. Through this difficult time they spent a lot of time praying and trusting God that he would bless them with children. And that He did! They were able to naturally get pregnant with their second son and are so excited. 

Shawntel’s hands are certainly full, but so is her heart. Being a stay at home mom keeps her on her toes, but she loves having the opportunity to spend her days watching her son learn and grow. They keep a tight routine full of walks to the lake, playing with cousins, and spending time in the kitchen. Hearing Shawntel proudly talk about her son shows that motherhood is truly what God has called her to! 

Shawntel balances being a mom with the rest of life by having grace on herself. “I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself and try to be that perfect Mom who balances everything perfectly,” said Shawntel, “Well I’ve learned to give myself a break. Being a wife comes first, then being a mom, and the rest follows.” She makes date night a priority for her and her husband, schedules playdates so that she can have adult conversation with her girlfriends while the kiddos play, and allows herself a sitter a few hours per week to get stuff done.

Random Questions

If your son wanted to go on the show in 25 years, would you be okay with it?
Haha, hmmm! If the show was still classy and clean then yes. I just hope it stays that way.

Favorite Beauty Product? 
I’m in love with my NARS foundation and my Mac rose petal blush!

Favorite Place to travel?
Maui...hands down! I feel as if apart of my heart stays there.

Favorite song right now?
The entire soundtrack to The Greatest Showman.

Do you still watch the show?
Yes! Every season. Once you’re on the show you become part of the bachelor family and you’ll always support the show.

If so, who is your favorite this season?
LOVING Garrett for Becca & Jason or Blake for the next Bachelor!

One thing you wish you could tell 16 year old Shawntel?
Trust God, he’s written you a really good story!

To keep up with Shawntel, follow her on Instagram @shawntelnewton


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