The Bachelorette is here! And while I am not doing recaps this season, I am still catching up with past contestants. One of my favorites from last season, Adam Gottschalk, was sent home by Rachel just before hometown dates, but found love in Paradise with Raven Gates. I enjoyed catching up with Adam, who is local to my area, and seeing what he is up to now that he is in Dallas.

Adam ended up on The Bachelorette when a friend from college (University of Arizona) nominated him. The day after JoJo's season aired, the friend texted Adam asking why he wasn't on the show. The rest was history.

When he went on the show, he brought a doll version of himself. This doll, Adam Jr., made cameos throughout the season, and honestly got more airtime than Adam himself. Adam journeyed through Los Angeles, South Carolina, Norway, and Switzerland, before getting sent home and ultimately ending up on the beaches of Mexico.

After the show ended, it took Adam time to adjust. He is working in commercial real estate and has strong partnerships with clients such as W Hotels and Equinox. He loves his career and the connections he is able to form with all kinds of personalities. Adam strives to be a hard working role model for our generation. "The social media blurs out all the hard work that can go on behind the scenes and all we see is the finished product," says Adam.

Nearly a year after Paradise, Adam is still with Raven. The two have talked about moving in with one and another and it is happening soon! While Raven currently lives in Arkansas where she owns her own boutique, Grey Suede, the pair see each other often.

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