For years I have seen What's In My Bag? videos and blog posts. It has become so popular that it is even a frequent segment in US Weekly. For some reason I have always enjoyed seeing what others carry in their bag and use in their day to day life. I have found some great products from What's In My Bag posts and wanted to share with you all what is in my own bag!

Besides the mass amounts of trash at the bottom of my bag, this is what I am carrying around! My purse is from Target. I got it when I started my new job last month because I wanted a bag big enough to carry around my work stuff when necessary. This Be Brave, Be You journal is what I use for taking notes during my therapy sessions. If someone found this journal I am not sure if I would be scared or excited. They would know my deepest struggles, but also see the deepest inspirations. These Well Kept Screen Cleansing Towelettes are great for keeping the bacteria from makeup and hands off of my phone and laptop. I use my compact to check my makeup, and Tide to Go pen, Kleenex, and gum for the obvious reasons. I carry UNO in my purse because I travel between schools working with students and have fun it to be a fun way to take a brain break with them when our usual activities are not possible to be done. I also have soup in my bag (LOL) because I always keep something in there to eat. On this particular day I had forgotten lunch so I bought this at 7-11, but then my work ended up having lunch catered in, so I got lucky! My wallet and planner are there for obvious reasons as well, they're the essentials to my life!

Comment below with an everyday essential that is in your bag!


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