Being a communications major in college, I have gotten the opportunity to network with people who have beautiful passions and careers in the communications field, even years after graduating. As a junior in high school I met Meisha in COMM 101 and have continued to keep in touch with her via social media over the years. Meisha recently joined me in the Blogosphere, creating her blog Grammar and Glamour.

Combining her need for a creative outlet and her love for writing and photography, it only makes sense that Meisha started a blog. Trying to find her niche though, created a bit of a struggle. Putting Meisha into a box is simply impossible. Her interests are all over the place, including travel, fashion, food, reading, and movies. Because her passions run deep, she decided to write a lifestyle blog where she can touch on all of these topics.

Outside of blogging, Meisha is working on her Masters in Literature and working in booking events and film shoots at a local college. She enjoys seeing movies, going to brunch, and playing video games, all of which is discussed on Grammar and Glamour.

A couple Q&A's with Meisha:

Top 3 beauty products? Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner, Becca highlighters, Bite lipsticks

Favorite book? Harry Potter! (Although Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and Handmaid's Tale by Margret Atwood are current faves!)

Favorite trend this spring? Round rattan bags!

For more of Meisha, check out Grammar and Glamour or follow her social media:
Insta @meisha__
FB @grammarandglamour
Twitter @grammarnglamour


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