I am coming off spring break and am shocked to realize it is only 9 more weeks until summer break. Life has been so hectic lately, that sometimes I forget to stop, slow down, and be present in the great moments. Going into spring, I really just want to focus on making quality time with loved ones and myself. I want the moments to not just pass me by, but to really stop and enjoy the beauty in all the little moments. At church yesterday I just stopped to thank God for that moment. For so long I prayed for a man that I could worship the Lord with, one that is supportive and guides me, one that encourages my creative outlets, and one that stops to remind me to breath. With arms high and heart abandoned yesterday, I was able to really be present and praise. I want life to be full of those moments where I just stop and celebrate life.

March was full of incredible things. I started a new job and traveled to San Francisco. I pushed myself to greater limits, both personally and spiritually, and I am excited beyond belief for what is coming in life.

March also brought me opportunities to sample new products, new music, and new movies. Here are my five favorites from March:

1. Purlisse BB Cream: This full coverage cream is perfect for "no makeup" days. I put it on for days when I don't feel like putting on makeup, but want my blemishes covered. I love that it has SPF 30 in it and is made with natural ingredients.

2. Blue Bottle Coffee: Holy guacamole. I love coffee. Like really love coffee. Like Lorelei Gilmore love coffee. I picked this up in a can at Whole Foods last week and am desperately trying to get my hands on more. Just 8 ounces had me wired enough to get homework done, get the house clean, and never feel jittery. It tasted delicious and was the perfect caffeine concoction for what I needed that day.

3. Ready Player One: I had no clue what to expect going into this movie, but it is one of the best movies I have seen in awhile. Because we have Movie Pass we try out a lot of movies I wouldn't typically pay $15 for. This movie blew my mind and had us nostalgic for N-64.

4. Space Cowboy by Kacey Musgraves: Her new album is stunning, but this song has been on a constant repeat for me the past couple days. Her voice is beautiful, the lyrics are breath taking, and she really encapsulates life well.

5. Champagne and a Carry On: I met Tori at a Bumble Bizz x Bloggers Who Brunch event a couple months ago and have loved connecting with her. She is a Jesus follower, WAG to her baseball playing husband, and #goals. Check out her blog to see what I have been reading lately!

What did you love this month? What are your goals for April?

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