I have been watching The Bachelor franchise since Trista was Bachelorette. Yup, since ten years old I have watched hundreds of people vie for the final rose. In the past four years I have interviewed dozens of Bachelor contestants, been on Bachelor related podcasts, and have developed incredible friendships because of this silly show.

However, after last night, I will never watch any franchise related shows again. After my final Bachelor interview I have already done, with someone from this season, I will never discuss the show on my blog again.

What ABC did to Becca last night is disgusting, immoral, and inexcusable. I still can't shake the feeling of what this beautiful woman went through in front of all America. I understand that she signed up for The Bachelor, but she did not sign up to get dumped in front of all of America on what she thought was a Happy Couple visit. Happy Couple visits are NEVER recorded. While producers are around for them, they are NEVER recorded. The fact that cameras were there to watch Arie break Becca's heart and then aired it all "unedited" on television is disgusting. The fact that Arie agreed to do this on television, instead of in private, says everything about the character of these people and the production.

Bachelor Nation, thank you for years of entertainment, quality blog posts, and new friends. I will miss my Monday night viewing parties, but I can drink my wine in other ways.

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