It's a new month, which means setting intentions and redirecting focus. January tried me tough, but I am ready to dive into February. I set some time aside today to think about what I wanted to achieve in February. Here are some of the things I do on the first day of the month:

1.) Pray. I love to spend time in prayer, asking God to close whatever doors need to be closed, and guide me to which open door to walk through.

2.) Set Intentions. Being intentional with my time and how I choose to spend the month allows me to direct my focus on the proper things that will help me reach my goals.

3.) Goal Set. I review my 2018 goals and break them down into something that can be achieve in February. For example, I have a goal set this year to pay off all credit card debt, which can seem daunting. However, when I break it into a smaller goal to focus on this month, it seems much more manageable.

4.) Review Finances. I update my budget for the month, adding in any special events. I am trying to get financially right this year, so I need to be intentional with where my money goes.

5.) Look over my calendar. I have a lot on my plate right now, so I need to be aware of what is coming up. Let's just say I triple booked a day in March without even realizing it because I have been so scatterbrained lately. Staying on top of my planner and utilizing it to its full potential will really help me with this.

6.) Plan blog posts. I try to do this prior to the first day of the month, but on the first day of the month I like to write as much as I can and come up with a plan to tackle all my posts for the month.

I hope these tips help you be intentional with your time this month!

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