We're at the halfway point of The Bachelor and the chain smoking fitness coach is still around. I think production did a great job this week of making all of us wonder how the heck we are still watching this trash after 22 seasons. Here are 5 questions I have after last night's episode of The Bachelor:

1.) What is wrong with production and/or Arie to bring Maquel back after her grandfather's death only to send her right back home? A little harsh, don't you think?

2.) Why would ABC play an advertisement for next week's episode midway through the episode if they are trying to make viewers wonder if she is going to be sent home? They spoil their own episodes during the episodes, but get mad at Reality Steve? Makes sense!

3.) Do you think they went back and re-edited last night's episode to have Lauren & Arie's conversation of "I'm afraid you'll pick someone else" and "I'm afraid of picking the wrong girl" after the bomb Reality Steve dropped last week?

4.) Where can I buy Kendall's book of 100 questions?

5.) Who the heck is Jenna?


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