The Bachelor premiere is quickly approaching, which means the return of chatting with some of our favorites from season's pasts. Today I'm checking in with Jared Haibon, who was on Kaitlyn's season of The Bachelorette and two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise.

Jared is most famous for making Ashley I. ugly cry, but prior to going on The Bachelorette, Jared was a restaurant manager in Rhode Island. Following filming he returned to his normal life, only to realize it was going to be far from normal. A couple weeks after filming, his local newspaper released his photo on their website and asked people for information on him. Strangers began showing up claiming they were friends, people he hadn't seen in years were adding him on Facebook, and he began to get a rapidly increasing social media following.

Whether Jared was posing as Love Man, hanging at the MET dressed like Bond with Kaitlyn, or sipping alcoholic beverages on the beach with his true love Tanner, Jared has always graced our televisions as a gentleman. One thing he wishes people realized though is that this show is real to him and everyone else who participates. It was a wonderful experience that he is grateful for, but it wasn't easy. While it is just reality TV to the most of us, for Jared it was a real, authentic, look for love that did not end with wedding bells.

Recently Jared moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in digital media. While he uses his following to promote fun companies like Hello Fresh, he is also using it to raise awareness of causes important to him, most recently doing a campaign to raise money with The American Cancer Society. I admire a man who uses his platform to make miracles happen.

For more of Brady-Belichick super fan Jared, follow him on Instagram @jaredhaibon

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