At the start of the month I expressed my dislike for August. But I have to say it was a darn good month. It was full of good people, good times, and surprisingly lacked stress. I am excited to dive head first into September.

My 5 favorite things in August:

  1. Dean Unglert -- He won me over post Bachelorette via the Almost Famous podcast and has continued to steal it on Paradise. He even Venmoed me $1.49 last week so I could buy a bag of Hot Cheetoes. Yup. I'm a Deanie Baby.
  2. Unforgettable by Thomas Rhett -- This has been playing on repeat in my car for the last couple weeks. I can't wait to hear it live this month at his Home Team Tour.
  3. Bang Energy Drink -- This energy drink is perfect pre-workout. I had the champagne flavor and I am definitely going to be ordering a case of it to dig into before the intense workout days. It has amino acids, creatine, and mass amounts of caffeine.
  4. The Real Housewives of Dallas -- I never watched this until Brandi Redmond was recently on the Reality Steve podcast and I fell in love with her! I am halfway through season one and these girls are crazy but Brandi and Stephanie are friendship goals!
  5. Crunch Fitness -- A friend convinced me to join with her and the classes are amazing! I have been loving spinning, dancing, and squatting my way into better shape!


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