This season of The Bachelorette really sucks. The only eventful thing last night was Dean’s dad and even that did not go beyond what was shown in the commercials. It’s obvious to anyone who has not read the spoilers who is going to win, but I will refrain from posting that spoiler here. If you want to find it, I recommend you head to Reality Steve’s website for all the juicy details.

Speaking of Reality Steve, I had the privilege of attending his fan appreciation birthday party in Vegas last month. It was a fun time and I even walked away getting 2nd place in Bachelor Nation trivia with my trusty sidekick Steph. Steve kindly allowed me to ask him questions about how his website got started, which season he found most interesting, and what life would be like if he had never gotten fired from Jim Rome.

Reality Steve, formally known as Stephen Carbone, grew up in Orange County and attended Loyola Marymount University. He graduated in 1997 with a B.A. in Communications and immediately went to work for Jim Rome. After getting fired for explicit language (there’s more detail than that, but I feel in 2017 this would not have happened), Steve was emailing a handful of friends Joe Millionaire recaps.

When Joe Millionaire wrapped, Trista’s season of The Bachelorette was starting up, so Steve began writing recaps about that. When the e-mail list for these recaps grew to over 300 people, Steve realized it was time to change his method of delivery.

He continued writing the recaps, but got interesting information when it came to Jason Mesnick’s season. Two weeks prior to the finale, Steve spoiled the Molly/Melissa switch up. People were skeptical, but once After the Final Rose aired, his page traffic took off.

Steve has been spoiling Bachelor franchise shows ever since. When he originally leaked spoilers this season, he said one person was the frontrunner. However, he came back shortly thereafter and said his source had supplied him with incorrect information and Rachel actually chose another man. While Steve is NOT wrong in his spoiler, because it was corrected WAY before the airing of the finale, he will naturally get boneheads who give him a hard time. That’s just the way the game goes.

On his weekly podcast, Steve drills his guest with the Rapid 10. I love this because it helps you get to know the guest in a unique way. I decided to give Steve a taste of his own medicine.

1. If your niece or nephew wanted to go on the show, how would you feel?
I’d tell them not to do it. I think this show is becoming too much of a popularity contest between the contestants and it’s sickening. I wouldn’t want them involved in that.

2. Who is your #1 prospect for fantasy football?
I honestly haven’t started doing my research yet, but based on last year’s numbers, I’d say in a PPR league like we do, receivers are more valued than running backs. So I’d probably go with Antonio Brown for receivers and Aaron Rodgers for QB’s.

3. Which season do you think was the most entertaining?
Brad’s first season because he dumped both girls.  That seems like the most realistic ending to me after barely knowing these women over the course of 8 weeks of filming.  

4. What is your favorite reality show?  
 Survivor.  Always has been and always will be.  Amazing how great the production and drama remain this many seasons in.  

5. Lyla Garrity or Tyra Collette?  
 Flip a coin.  I seriously cannot choose between those two.  I’d feel like I was cheating on one if I picked the other.  Can’t do it.  (Lyla.  Just don’t tell Tyra).  

6. How do you manage the business of your job and how do you stay motivated when you don’t feel like writing?  
 It does wear on me at times, and I do get run down by constantly being in front my computer.  But the perks of the job (not having a boss, working from home, being able to come and go as I please) is what motivates me.  And oh yeah, the pay.  

7. Is Chris Harrison your source?  
 No.  Would be nice if he was though.  I’d never get anything wrong.  

8.What has been the weirdest Reality Steve related experience?  
 Probably my first Reality Steve party in Vegas, just because it was also kind of a 40th birthday celebration and to look out and see 50 strangers all in my room there to celebrate me was kind of surreal. I mean, I know I was the one who invited them and it’s not like it was a surprise, but when that night actually hit me, it was all kind of a blur.  

9. Who is your favorite athlete of all time?  
 This is going to sound so random, and anyone outside of Southern California will probably be like, “Who?”  But Jeff Fryer.  Former college basketball player at LMU in the early 90’s.  Basically I wanted to be him when I was in high school.  Even went to the same shooting coach that he did.  

10. Favorite vacation spot?  
 Las Vegas, of course!

Along with his website, Steve has a Reality Steve podcast that releases every Thursday, and a Stitcher Premium Podcast that releases monthly. He can be found on Social Media @RealitySteve.

The winner of the dozen rose giveaway is Megan D. Please email me your address so that I can get those flowers sent your way! Thank you everyone for suggestions you made for upcoming blog posts.

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