The Pinky Star completed this 15 question Fashion Tag on her blog, so I thought I would follow suit!

1. I love to shop for my clothes at?

2. Store you like to visit but you don't buy from?
Forever 21

3. Last accessory you bought?
I don't even remember it's been so long!

4. Do you own something you've never worn? What?
Black slacks from Old Navy

5. I put a lot of thought into what I wear, throw my clothes on quickly, or just like to be comfortable?
It depends on my mood and what is going on that day.

6. My closet is mostly full of?
T-shirts and leggings

7. Most comfortable article of clothing I own is?

8. What hat would you never ever wear?
I was in a fedora phase once...never again.

9. What's your style?

10. Favorite t-shirt?
Champagne Campaign shirt from Target!

11. Favorite dress?
Floral dress I rented from Le Toe

12. Favorite sweater?
NOPE graphic sweatshirt from Target

13. Favorite shoes?
Steve Madden sandals I somehow scored for $15 in 2012 and still wear

14. Favorite bag?
My Michael Kors tote

15. Favorite earrings?
I'm not really an earring person. I have really sensitive ears and most earrings irritate them.

I tag KLeighStyle, Truly Mere, & Wander With Love to complete this fashion tag!

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