This month’s spotlight is not on a blogger, but on a YouTube channel! Tia and Talia’s Tasty Treats is a cooking channel featuring two young sisters in Southern California. The girls create delicious, healthy treats in a cooking show on their channel.

The girls originally saw a YouTube channel of two sisters in Australia making sugary treats on their show and felt inspired. However, due to their mom’s past health issues and Talia’s need to be gluten and dairy free, they put a healthy spin on their show. The girls create healthy treats on their channel, such as chocolate avocado pudding and dairy free game day nachos (The girls’ favorites!)

Outside of cooking, the girls attend a Spanish immersion elementary school. They enjoy jumping on the trampoline, skiing, playing with friends, dressing up, and staying active with tennis, swimming, and gymnastics.

Check out the girls’ latest show


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