I spend a lot of time on the internet, whether it be blogging, doing school work, or just browsing around. I waste a lot of time surfing the web and in my quest to kill time or create the perfect blog post, I have found some great websites. Three sites I am really hooked on lately are:
  1. Reality Steve: I enjoy Reality Steve's spoilers and having insight on The Bachelor franchise from the likes of a 40 (ish?) year old man. He has a podcast he puts out on Thursdays that I really enjoy listen to and often saved for when I was making constant drives between the Central Coast and Southern California each week. Now that I'll be commuting on the 405 each day, I am sure I will fill that time with RS podcasts. He often has a special guest, some of whom who are members of Bachelor Nation, which makes the listening experience that much more fun. (New blog goal: Be a guest on one of his podcasts.)
  2. Tone It Up: Karena & Katrina are the best trainers. They have taken the fitness world by a storm and make me feel motivated and confident. They run challenges throughout the year with their nutritional plan, but their workout plan is free. I love their blog posts, workout videos, and recipes.
  3. Sazan: I learned about Sazan in a recent Wine Wednesday with the Tone It Up Girls. She is a lifestyle blogger and has incredible fashion sense. Her Instagram feed is #onfleek (or whatever the kids say these days!) and her blog features bits about style, beauty, relationships, and more. 

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