Whenever I need to feel inspired, I get on Instagram and start looking at specific hashtags in the blogging community. Seeing what other bloggers are doing motivates me to start writing. I recently stumbled upon a midwest blogger via Instagram that I reached out to for this month's Blogger Spotlight. I was so excited when she was interested in participating. 

Meet Kristen, from KLEIGHSTYLE.

Kristen has worked in retail for twelve years and has been a store manager the past eight years. She has been married coming up on four years and enjoys going to Razorbacks and Chiefs games with her hubby. Kristen values time with her friends and family, as well as her health. She has rheumatoid arthritis and does what she can to make time for running. 

Kristen started posting pictures of what she was wearing to work on Instagram. Her account was set as private, but because of feedback from others and a style challenge she came across, she decided to make her account public. As her Instagram grew, she decided to create a blog where she posts about fashion. 

When it comes to staying motivated, Kristen stays driven from within. She stays true to herself in her posts, which is the #1 tip she gives to new bloggers! She also encourages new bloggers to connect with the blogging community.

Kristen's style icons are Lauren Conrad (YASSSS!) and the Olsen twins. She considers herself to be a combination of girly and edgy. Her favorite splurges are Kate Spade and Steve Madden shoes. Her favorite place to shop is a local boutique with trendy pieces, called Impressions

Some of Kristen's favorite blog posts she has written:

For more of Kristen, visit her blog at KLeighStyle


  1. I ADORE Kristen! She is an honest and kind friend! She has an amazing eye for fashion. I seek her opinion probably daily!! I also love this series. As bloggers it's so hard to get noticed. I'm so glad you're spreading the love!

  2. Kristen is an amazing person with a fabulous sense of style. Thank you for featuring her on your blog. I love when women support women!

  3. Thank you so much for the feature! Your the sweetest Cate