Instead of starting last year with a bunch of resolutions I'd forget about mid-February, I decided to choose a motto to focus on. In 2016, I focused on Abiding in God. I wanted to enjoy the moments, bloom where I was planted, and trust in Christ's plan. In all honesty, this year was very difficult for me. I was thrown a lot of trying tasks, that for the most part were out of my control. From physical aspects, such as a broken arm and a car accident, emotional aspects, such as moving and experiencing a difficult year for my family, and just the all around business of life, I never doubted God.

This year I became a prayer warrior. I shared my testimony at a women's Bible study, I prayed over the lives of others, and I fell to my knees crying out to God more this year than I have in 24 years of life. And although I haven't always liked His answers, I continued to remain in Him. I'm grateful for God for never failing me no matter how much I fail Him.


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