I am obsessed with YouTube. Ever since early 2012 when my soul sister, Kiersten, introduced me to Kandee Johnson I have filled my subscription box with vloggers, gurus, and everything in between. Here are my 5 favorite YouTube channels:

Mel: Mel is a vlogger and the sister of Charles Trippy, who is one of the original vloggers on YouTube. She is positive, honest, and really enjoyable to watch. Mel is someone I would want to be my best friend, which is part of why I love to watch her channel.

Tone It Up: Tone It Up is two women who create work out and healthy lifestyle content. They offer a ton of free workouts, a nutrition plan (which is at cost, but well worth it) and much more. They are down to earth and motivating.

Philip DeFranco: The Philip DeFranco show is a weekday show that discusses news and pop culture. DeFranco tells it like it is and has no fear of pissing anyone off when sharing what's going on in our world, which is what I appreciate most about DeFranco.

Kalyn Nicholson: Kalyn Nicholson posts lifestyle videos and vlogs. She creates all sorts of videos that I always love. Some of my favorite videos she does are DIYs, routines, and how to keep inspired and motivated.

Glam Planner: Anyone who has glanced at my blog for more than a minute knows that I am obsessed with planners and giving off the illusional that I have my life slightly organized. Glam Planner is one of my favorite shops on Etsy to purchase planner stickers, but is also a great channel to watch how she puts her sticker kits together, see her spreads, and preview new kits.

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