Happy November! I always love the beginning of a new month. It is a great time for me to get reorganized and redirect my focus. Here are 5 things I do on the first of every month:

1.) Plan. Figuring out what is on your agenda for the month will make the rest of these steps easier, as well as making you feel organized and have an idea of what to expect.
2.) Create a budget. Once you have figured out what you have going on this month, you can figure out what you need to set money aside for. To see specifics, on how to create a budget, visit a post from my archives inspired by Dave Ramsey on how to make a budget.
3.) Figure out who has a birthday and what you will do for them. Again, once you have gone through and planned your month this will be a lot easier. Once I know who in my life has a November birthday, I write a card for them, address it, and put a stamp on it. I keep them all together in a designated location and send them out as appropriate throughout the month.
4.) Set goals. When you have hyper focused goals with action plans, it gives you a new sense of purpose and determination. This month my goals are around completing books, following my current health plan, and continuing to work through my Bible study on Ruth. For help on how to create appropriate goals, visit a post from my archives about goal setting.
5.) Purge. Clean out the fridge, pantry, car, and anywhere else that needs to be decluttered. It allows you to start the month fresh and alleviates stress and anxiety.

I hope you have a great November!


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