5 things I loved in November:

1.) Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life - So here's the deal. I had extremely high expectations. I'm practically the third Gilmore Girl, so I expected this revival to be flawless. However spring and summer really let me down. But winter and fall were so worth the mediocre middle sect. Those four final words still have my head spinning and I basically want to marry Luke Danes.

2.) Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham - This book came out yesterday and I'm already halfway through it. Lauren Graham, aka Lorelei Gilmore, shares personal essays about her life in Hollywood and on the set of Gilmore Girls. I got it on audiobook and talking as fast as she can is certainly what Lauren Graham does. (Does this woman ever breath!?) (I love you Lauren.)

3.) Blush Online Life Coaching - Blush provides affordable online life coaching for women all over. It eliminates all the awkward barriers of going to physically see a therapist and cuts the BS and dives on in. Speaking with a life coach has opened my eyes to so much potential I have and has given me the extra push to dive into specific aspects of my career and relationship. My life coach feels like my blunt big sister who will tell me how it is with zero fear of getting in the middle. While this may make her sound like a total jerk, I promise she's not. She's awesome. I want to be her real life friend.

4.) Get Lost Tea - This tea is not only delicious, but helps with weight loss. It tastes like Christmas (aka cinnamon and carob) and provides craving control, fights the sweet tooth, and is caffeine free. 

5.) Miranda Lambert's new album - This new dual album is already topping the charts. It brings back the twangy country I love as opposed to the pop garbage we have been seeing a lot of lately. My favorite songs include "Pink Sunglasses" and "For the Birds."

What did you love this month?


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