When I saw The Modern Day Girlfriend jumping for joy under the ALUMNI sign at my alma mater when scrolling through Instagram one day, I knew I wanted to feature her in November's blogger spotlight. When I asked her "Coffee or tea?" and she replied "COFFEE, COFFEE, and ooo more coffee!" I knew I wanted to be her friend. And her blog allows just that.

In a world of Instagram, Tinder, and YouTube, The Modern Day Girlfriend tackles "living & loving in the digital age one swipe at a time." Arianna speaks her mind about relationships, beauty, health, and more on her empowering lifestyle blog.

Prior to becoming a blogger, Arianna worked in the entertainment industry. While being an agent ended up not being her calling, her public relations background opened her up to exploring other opportunities. She began helping bloggers build up their social media presence which ultimately led to The Modern Day Girlfriend. Arianna was always the girl her friends and family turned to for advice in their lives, so she decided that she needed to make this her job.

Arianna recently said goodbye to her day job and began working her dream job. This doesn't mean she spends her days eating donuts and scrolling through Twitter though. "Blogging is not a 9-5 job," says Arianna, "but a 24/7 kind of lifestyle." When not devoting her time to working on her posts, as well as contributing to The Huffington Post, Arianna also enjoys spending time with her family, loving on fur babies, and giving back to the community.

Arianna really is your modern day girlfriend. She is humble, kind, and determined. "Life is an interesting ride and with all the ups and downs comes many many invaluable learning lessons. They might not make sense at the time, but when you look back, you will understand why you had to walk that path. It's not about the destination but the journey. Stay true to yourself. Let the fear of the unknown fuel you."

For more of Arianna, visit her at The Modern Day Girlfriend or on social media @moderndaygf.

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