1 in 3 women have been the victim of physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime. That statistic is scary as a sister, a daughter, an aunt, and a friend. It is scary to me as someone who lives in a society where people often make comedy out of domestic dispute, especially when it comes to professional athletes. It breaks my heart to know that people I love have been witness to and victim of domestic violence.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I have gone back and forth about creating this post, and if I did, what to say. Overall, I felt that I am doing a disservice by not speaking on it. If anyone in your life is abusing physically, verbally, or mentally, please walk away. No relationship is worth putting up with the pain. If you are scared, know that you are not alone and that you are stronger and braver than you think. If you need help or someone to talk to, please contact 1−800−799−7233.

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