Halloween is almost here and I am excited to see all of your costumes and hear about your plans! Halloween costumes can be very expensive for just one night, so I encourage you to take a peak inside your own closet and try to come up with a costume from what you already have. One costume that is simple and fun to create from things you already have, or by visiting a consignment shop, is Deb from Napoleon Dynamite. #GlamorShotz

Don't lie to me. I know you still have that poppin' Abercrombie polo in the back of your closet from 7th grade. Rock that or head to Goodwill and purchase someone else's fashion mistake.

Acid wash jeans are the preference, so find someone who was cool in the 90's. Worst case, wear regular jeans.


Fanny pack.


Heinous chunky jewelry.

Tackle box.

A lot of these things can be made from your current closet, a friend's closet, the dollar store, and/or a consignment shop. This costume can be created for free if you try hard enough. Plus it is a fun throwback to a classic movie.


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