I have had many incredible teachers in my life, but none have ever struck me the way Mrs. B did. I had her freshman year of English, senior year for Business Seminar, and throughout the four years for Business Academy advisory. Four years with this woman was just enough time to realize my full potential, mature (though slowly) from a spastic weasel to a more reserved leader.

Mrs. B was a light to everyone on campus. She gave tough love where needed and focused more on life application than making sure I had the proper form of there, their, or they’re.

Six years after graduating high school, I still consider her to be a mentor, role model, and now good friend. When I teach my high school students, I try to channel my inner Mrs. B. I believe in them the way she believed in me. I push them the way she pushed me. And I try to give them a taste of reality when the classroom calls for it.

I hope everyone in their life has a chance with a teacher like Mrs. B. Beyond the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, she has helped me to become a more confident, honorable, educated woman.

Thank you to all the teachers like her. 

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