Fit Life Teatox is an organic tea that eliminates bloating, digestive issues, and helps in increasing weight loss. Two cups daily are believed to burn fat, boost immunity, and detox the system. While this sounds far too good to be true, I have recently given it a try and it has proven itself. I tried Fit Life for 14 days and was amazed by the results. While I did not lose weight (I have hit a steady plateau for the past month, which I am okay with) I did eliminate some of my digestive problems, feel more energized, and have less bloating.

This tea is organic, fruity, and calorie free. It is full of essential oils. This tea purifies the body without leaving you hungry or irritable.

Not only did the adorable box delivered to my doorstep include 14 days’ worth of tea (28 tea bags), it also included a water bottle and a meal plan for 7 days. The meal plan is full of delicious foods I enjoy that are healthier options of things I enjoy. The meal plan is to work with the tea in order to help detox the body and promote digestive health.

To receive 15% off your first order of Fit Life Tea, visit their website and enter Tea-Tweet15 at checkout.

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