I enjoy going on walks. They’re my time alone in the afternoon or evening to get some fresh air, escape from reality, and get some exercise and FitBit steps. Often times on my walk I listen to music on my phone or books through Audible. However, when I do this, I find myself responding to texts and emails, scrolling through my Twitter feed, and making to do lists of everything that needs to get done later on.

Recently, I have encouraging myself to leave the phone at home. While originally I used the excuse for myself that this is unsafe, I reminded myself that my parents went on walks just fine when they were my age without cell phones. If something were to happen, someone could call for help or I could find someone who did have a phone.

By leaving my phone at home and just walking, I have no choice but to relax. I enjoy nature and my thoughts with no distractions. I soak up the sunshine with no thought of what time it is and how I need to hurry home. I do not focus on how far my walk is or how long my walk is because I don’t know. By unplugging I allow myself to get in tune with my mind, body, and soul and to just enjoy the God-given beauty of the world.

Since doing this I have found myself becoming more disconnected from electronics in my daily life. I don’t worry about running to check who it is when I hear a text ding, I have no problem leaving my phone in my bag all day at work, and I am certainly getting much more homework and blogging done without having technology on my mind.

This week I encourage you to set your phone aside. Even if you start small with 10-15 minutes phone free, it is a step forward in progressing to a life unplugged.


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