On Sunday I will be moving out of my current home. The past two weeks I have been going through all my belongings trying to decide what to throw, what to keep, what to donate, and what to store. I have realized what a hoarder I am and how much junk I own. (To my defense I may need that tiny piece of paper hiding in the back of my closet one day!)

Here are a few tips I have utilized the past week that may help you in your spring cleaning:

  1. If you're unsure of whether to keep or get rid of something, think about the last time you utilized the item. Think about the next time you will utilize it. Can't do one or the other? Get rid of it!
  2. Instead of going room by room, go item by item. This way you can see how much of an item you have. For example, I keep shoes in my bedroom closet and in the downstairs hall closet. When decluttering this gives the illusion of owning fewer shoe than I actually do, which leads me to hold on to them, when I shouldn't be.
  3. Make a list. Often times when spring cleaning it is easy to go hard fast. If you're like me you'll take everything out of the closet and then be over it, leaving yourself with an even bigger mess. Before beginning make a list of everything you want to organize and then prioritize items and write out a plan of attack.
  4. Pump up the jams! The better the playlist, the better job you'll do. Studies prove that music increases productivity levels. Handcraft a playlist of music you love that will get you moving!


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