My life lately is all about embracing the grind. Working full time, working on my Masters, co-leading a Bible study, blogging, trying to stay fit, spend time with my family and friends, and beyond is extremely exhausting, but well worth it. I have learned in this crazy time in my life that I have to surround myself with motivating people who are also working hard to chase their goals.

Hustle Crate is a monthly subscription box that inspires those chasing success. Each month Hustle Crate will send a book, advice from entrepreneurs, and a few other lifestyle items to help subscribers embrace the hustle.

For a monthly price of $29.99, subscribers will receive their own Hustle Crate and join the success club. The crate I received (seen above) had an estimated value of $46.80. That's a great deal for the price paid and it is vital on the road to success. It included The 7 Day Startup by Dan Norris, The 24 Hour Business Plan Template by Steven Fies, Cafe Santo Domingo Coffee, a note pad, and a pen.

I loved this because the books are motivating as I intend to eventually open my own behavioral therapy company (far down the road!) The coffee was perfect because I live off the caffeinated goodness. The pen and paper are always appreciated as my mind races 24/7.

To get your hands on your own Hustle Crate, visit their website and be ready to embrace the grind!

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