Let's be real here. The time of the month sucks. As if the cramps, headaches, and crankiness isn't enough, just getting up and going to get stuff to make you feel better adds to the mess. However, with Grrl Box all of that is eliminated.

Grrl Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers period friendly products straight to your doorstep. Each box includes snacks, chocolate, underwear, a pampering product, an item to relieve stress, and feminine hygiene products. My favorite thing about this box is that you are able to let Grrl Box know prior what kind of chocolate you prefer, your size of underwear, and what type of feminine hygiene products you prefer. 

In my Grrl Box I received coconut chips, caramel pretzel chocolate (not picture because I chowed down on that the minute it came...holy cow!), dry shampoo, a planner and pen, cake mix, underwear, and tampons. Grrl Box costs $35/month and makes that time of the month much more manageable. I highly recommend you check them out. It's like having a PMS Fairy come to your house!


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