Helene Sula began blogging in the summer of 2012, but she began putting more time into it that September after being inured in a rock climbing accident. Within three years, blogging became her full time job.

With a background in social media, marketing, and advertising, she began teaching online courses through her blog. She shares what she has learned through blogging, with research and strategies on how to grow blogs and social media accounts.

Helene's advice for new bloggers is, "Try to tune out the noise and focus on producing content you care about. When you do that, eventually people will respond." Helene is successful because she is doing what she loves and writing posts she is passionate about. Helene loves to travel and she expresses this throughout her blog posts.  One of her favorite blog posts shares how she makes traveling happen on a budget. She discusses how her and her husband bought a house and traveled the world in one year.

Although blogging looks glamorous, Helene insists (and I can attest!) that it is very hard work. However, through the stress of late nights and being pulled various ways, Helene loves it. Blogging allows her to create a life she looks forward to, full of travel and spending time with those she loves.

For more on Helene, check out her Blog, TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.


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