With New Year's Eve just days away, many are making plans for a fun night. Last year I threw an epic party, this year I am hoping for a more mellow night of board games and cheese fries. Whatever the night is bringing you, here are some hacks to make it go more smoothly--
  • If you're hosting a party:
    • Line your trash can with 3-4 bags to make clean up easy.
    • Use leftover wrapping paper for decorations. (Paper chain garland, anyone?)
    • Use mini bottles as place settings.
    • Have a "Resolutions" board for people to write their New Year's resolutions.
    • Have extra pillows and blankets on hand for anyone who drinks too much and is unable to head home.
  • If you're going out:
    • Get there early. Places fill up quickly. If they fill up, utilize the Nearby Friends function on Facebook to see what bars are still allowing entrance.
    • Eat a big dinner. If you're going out to the bars, it's likely that you will be drinking. Prevent being the joke of 2016 by making sure you aren't a slob kabob on New Year's Eve.
    • Take an Uber home! While the prices ARE more expensive on NYE, you are saving your life, the lives of others, a DUI, and many other potential life altering dramas.
Regardless of what your New Year's Eve plans are, be sure to be safe and have fun!


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