Snail mail is a lost art. My eyes light up when I receive something in the mail (that doesn't say I owe someone money.) I love sending far away friends birthday cards, Christmas cards, and occasionally hand written letters. That's why Happy Paper by Linda is the PERFECT kind of subscription service for people like me.

Happy Paper offers 3 various monthly subscriptions:
  1. The Buddy ($16/month): a 3 month subscription delivered monthly, 4 cards per month, with 2 customized card requests per month.
  2. Ms. Thoughtful ($16/every other month): This subscription ships bimonthly for a whole year. It includes 4 cards per month, with 3 customized card requests per month.
  3. Social Butterfly ($16/month): a monthly subscription for the year, 4 cards per month, with 3 customized card requests per month, and 6 extra VIP cards sent throughout the year.
Happy Paper by Linda also offers the option of sending a subscription as a gift. The sender pays the one time fee of $48 and the receiver gets the same benefits of "The Buddy" box. Linda also offers The Happy Store with already made card packs for various events such as birthdays, weddings, babies, and more!

I love these cards sent to me from Happy Paper by Linda! Linda really took the time to get to know my likes and needs to customize cards to best suit me. My favorite is the "Live, Laugh, Love, & Football" card! 

For those interested in ordering from Happy Paper by Linda, visit her website Happy Paper Cards.
Be sure to also connect with her on Social Media, via Instagram, FaceBook, and Twitter.


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