As part of YESvember, we are focusing on chasing goals. A great way to keep your goals organized and your daily life organized, is by using a planner from Rebel's Agenda. This paper planner is designed for entrepreneurs and professionals.

The Executive Rebel helps you with strategic planning, organizing, and getting it done. It allows you to identify big goals, plan projects and meetings. It has monthly and weekly planners with presentation guides.

The Entrepreneur Rebel also helps with strategic planning, organizing, and getting things done. The layouts include project planners, monthly financials, monthly and weekly planners, documenting new ideas, and to do lists.

Rebel's Agenda helps keep me goal oriented when planning my week. It takes the bigger picture and breaks it down into smaller goals and steps. I highly recommend it, not just for professionals, but for students as well. It allows me to organize all aspects of my life in one place- including my job, my blog, my fitness coaching, and my personal life. 

To get 15% off visit Rebel's Agenda and use the code: KBWCREBEL

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