One of my favorite parts of social media and blogging is being able to connect with other hard-working, driven, passionate women. About six months ago I stumbled upon Adrienne Finch on YouTube through the collaboration channel, Just Like That. I subscribed to her personal channel and have enjoyed her videos ever since. She is extremely talented and her desire to make it to the top is visible in her hard work. I have no doubt that Adrienne will reach her goal of having one million YouTube subscribers in the next couple years.

This Seattle native was a screen writing major at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. While interning at Awesomeness TV she was exposed to the power of YouTube. In January 2014, Adrienne created her channel and has loved having a platform to express her creativity while entertaining and inspiring others. Almost a year later, she met Monica and Shelby Church (two influential YouTubers) at a movie premiere. They invited Adrienne to join Just Like That, which has nearly half a million subscribers on YouTube. 

What drew me to Adrienne most when I started watching her was her realness. We are about the same age and are both recent college graduates. Adrienne is well composed, articulate, and creative. While extremely busy and involved in various activities, she has a power to remain balanced. 

"I make sure I always love what I'm doing," says Adrienne. "If I didn't love what I was doing, I learned to say no. Learning how to say no is an important part of life. You can't take on everything. This helped me to balance it all." 

Adrienne balances her crazy schedule of two YouTube channels, a social life, and a full time job as the Manger of Digital Development and Fan Engagement at Legion Creative Group through to do lists. (I told you I liked her.) She keeps a sticky tab open on her computer for each area of her life, with a running to do list of things she needs to get done regarding each area. As she makes her to do lists for each day, she references these sticky tabs. 

Her advice to staying motivated? Look long term. Set goals for yourself. Take breaks. Be sure you love what you're doing. Step away if you need to and come back refreshed. "Also...coffee's really good." 

For more of Adrienne, check out her socials:
Instagram @adrienne_wf
Twitter @adrienne_wf
Snap Chat @adriennewifi


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