Bachelor in Paradise just wasn't the same this week without JJ Lane. Seriously...Mike Fleiss if you're reading this, the man needs his own show.

Ten Reasons JJ is the bee's knees:

10.) JJ is a certified babe. I need CPR when the guy gets screen time. He's one of the most attractive guys in Bachelor history....close second to Ben H.

9.) He's not afraid to get wrapped up in a little bromance. His love affair with Clint during Kaitlyn's season was one we should all strive for.

8.) His style is so fratty. Collared shirts, pastel shorts, and backwards snap backs? Style men everywhere, JJ...PLEASE.

7.) He's Colorado brewed. The people of that state have a special place in my heart after my extremely brief stint at Regis University.

6.) He'll knock your teeth out on the ice rink. There's no one else I'd rather have my back in a brawl. Joe Bailey had some serious huevos to even look at JJ the wrong way.

5.) He's an honest man. JJ has made mistakes in his past, but he has also been quick to admit his wrongs. He stands up for what he believes in and says how he feels.

4.) His social media game is #onfleek. Find him @jjhlane for Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat gold. Actually I think his snapchat is different than that. Let me check. Yes, it's @jjh2121 and there is a snap story of his daughter shaking her groove thing at a Farmer's Market. I melt.

3.) He interacts with fans. JJ always answers tweets sent to his account.

2.) JJ puts his role as a dad first in his life. Not to mention his little girl is flipping adorable.

1.) Amy Schumer called him a turd on national TV. Amy Schumer doesn't even know who I am.


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