Overall, I was not impressed with this season of Big Brother. There was no major gameplay, no major twists, and no stand out characters.

The Gameplay
Shelli and Vanessa ran the house, but even then the house made decisions as a whole. They should have taken Austin and Vanessa out early, but played in fear.

The Twists
I had high expectations when the Twin Twist was announced. It was great in season five and I thought the twins had it in them to keep it a secret throughout week 7. However, instead of making big moves happen when the house found out, they just shrugged it off and let another potential winner take over the game.

The Cast
Besides Johnny Mac, there were no stand out cast members. Usually there are a lot of diverse personalities who click and clash, but it seemed everyone got along well. Actually, the cast was pretty annoying. Vanessa and Meg's tears could have ended the California drought in the past 98 days.

Congratulations to Steve for winning Big Brother 17. It is something he has dreamed of his whole life and he truly earned it with his social game and being the one to get rid of Vanessa. I look forward to Big Brother 18. Til next summer....expect the unexpected.

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