Tithing is something I have always struggled with in my relationship with Christ. The past few months I have strictly followed my budget, allocating where every dollar should be spent. I have put extra money into savings and towards my student loans. But I have not been tithing. I have given here and there, but 10% of my income has not been given to the Lord.

Last week, when reading Danise Jurado's new book Fulfilled (review coming soon!) the Lord put on my heart the importance of tithing. I had pretended it was not important for so long, that I came to realize that I was hurting God by not trusting his plan for my money. He gave the ultimate gift to us, and in Psalm 116:12 it says, "What shall I return to the Lord for all his goodness to me?"

While everything I own belongs the Lord, it is still important that I accept His will and give 10% of it to ministry as he requests. More importantly, this can not be done with a negative heart. It can not be done with the attitude of doing it just because the Bible says we have to, but with an attitude of gratefulness that we even have this money to give in the first place.

This week I encourage you to look at what you are giving to the Lord, not just with finances, but in every aspect of your life. Our lives belong to Him. Make sure it shows.


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